Hook Norton Votes overwhelmingly in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan

On Thursday 3rd September, the people of Hook Norton voted clearly to adopt the Neighbourhood Plan. Subject to ratification by the District Council, the plan will now become a statutory part of the local planning process, and anybody wishing to build in the village will have to demonstrate that they are complying with the policies in the plan.

Full Referendum Results:

  • A total of 584 votes were cast – 34.8% of the total eligible to vote.
  • In favour of the plan – 568
  • Against the Plan – 16
  • Spoilt Ballots – None

TotalĀ in favour of the plan 97.2%

The high turnout in support of the plan gives it the best possible mandate, and ensures that developers cannot challenge it on the basis of lack of support in the village. The steering committee wishes to thank everybody who supported them at all stages of the process, especially the fantastic number of villagers who turned out to vote. Clearly residents of Hook Norton feel strongly about the future of our village!

A quick reminder of why this vote matters to Hook Norton:

  1. This is your plan! Its been built around extensive consultation and reflects what Hooky people say matters to them.
  2. Controlling Village Growth. The plans seeks to manage housing growth and sets out maximum numbers which may be built in any location at any time.
  3. Hook Norton Character. The locally distinctive character of Hook Norton is at the heart of the plan. Countryside is protected and any development required to make a positive contribution. Designs which could be ‘anywhere, anyplace’ are not acceptable.
  4. Protect Village Facilities. A list of ‘locally valued resources’ is set out (including pubs, shop, Memorial Hall, etc) and the plan provides protection for these
  5. Affordable Housing. The plan aims to achieve affordable housing for Hooky people.
  6. Hooky Specific. The plan policies are specific to Hooky and extra to policies in place throughout the rest of Cherwell.

So – what happens next?

The plan will be ratified by the District Council, and will then be used by Cherwell District Council’s planning team to assess whether planning applications in the village should be allowed to progress. The Parish Council will carefully review any new applications against the policies contained in the plan and will make representations to the planners based on the plan.

In addition, representatives of the steering group and Parish Council will be meeting shortly to decide how we manage the plan for the future, and ensure that it keeps up to date with the latest planning developments.

Where can I find more details on what is in the plan?

Here is the full plan document:

Full Plan Document

And, if you would prefer something more concise, here is a brief summary of the key policies in the plan:

Powerpoint Summary